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Welcome to FXMM's Forex Radio Live
FXMMRadio is the worlds first real Forex Radio. there have been so many postings on the internet for forex traders reaching the "end of their tether" trying to look for a quality live forex broadcast run by someone worthy of of listening to.

Finally FXMM has launched the FXMMradio which is hosted by ex Bank Trader Andy Shearman. Everyday during the London and New York Open many of his forex following tune in as Andy comes on to the open mic to simply talk about Forex Trading based on his 31 years trading professionally. Instead of trading alone you have now the chance to talk to Andy at his Trading Desk as if you were sitting right next to him in his traderoom. You can ask Andy's advice on any trading pattern, system or methodology you follow and he is happy to share his market insight. And best of all if you don't have any questions, Andy will give you his trading setups, his ideas and tell you what he's seeing.

Even though Andy's days of being a MarketMaker (influencing currency movement) trading for the large Banks are over, users often say: "Its as if Andy knows where the market is headed before it has even moved!"

Others reported to have said "Andy see's
the market in a way that we could never see".


Join Andy each day as he Trades the Forex Market Live...

  • Live Trade Signals

  • Emerging Chart Patterns

  • Live News Events & Announcements

  • Reasons for Andy's Trades

  • Ask your own trading questions

    See Demo page here.




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